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Rack for organizing, transporting, labeling, and storing components for convenient assembly use


The lean materials rack was created to be loaded with components that are used during assembly processes. All necessary components for assembly are organized and grouped together in the rack and labeled appropriately for ease of access. This simplifies the process of storing, transporting, and refilling components for any manufacturing facility operation the rack is used in. When the lean materials rack expends all of its components it is transported back to storage where it is quickly refilled with the necessary parts for the next job or put away until it needs to be utilized again. This can drastically speed up the assembly process and increase productivity. Combining the storage capabilities of this rack with its ease of operation makes the lean materials rack an extremely valuable part of the assembly process.

Made For

Custom designed to fit specific components in an organized rack system within a facility.

Extra Information

There are multiple variations of the lean materials rack which can be customized to operate in multiple scenarios. This fabrication can also be fit with different racks for very specific events that occur during assembly. RWM’s custom fabrication shop allows the layout and storage capabilities of the rack to be completely modified to suit customer needs.